Tending Injuries on the Field

Sports medicine has improved greatly over the years. Minor injuries or muscle strains no longer means players have to exit the field. Kinesiology tape and cohesive tape, for example, can be applied to pulled muscles and tendons for instant support. Plastic, nylon, and mesh fiber materials are used to make different wraps for tending injuries right on the field or court. Bandaging cuts or scraps can be done with durable, waterproof, and medicated pads that will keep the area clean and stay in place.

Other Portable Items

Nasal plugs, Velcro supports and splints, and sterilized butterfly stitches are available, as are a wide variety of sprays. Coolants, antibiotic sprays, and spray adhesives are fast acting for efficient care delivery in a matter of minutes. Nose and face guards are helpful to cover and protect minor injuries so play can continue.

Keeping all the latest supplies organized and handy is easy with team medical kits. Different sizes and customized configurations are available to suit the needs of any team at all levels. Rugged and lightweight nylon outer layers are made to last. Reflective piping increases visibility in poor or low lighting, which is perfect for bandaging an open wound in the middle of a field on a cloudy day. All bags feature a full-open design to make packing and unpacking gear quick and easy.

Who Needs An Updated Kit?

Coaches of little league, youth team managers, community teams, schools and universities, sports medicine professionals, and even that group of buddies who get together for basketball in the park can benefit from a portable medical bag with plenty of room. A home filled with active family members can also find a small bag for recreational excursions. That little tin first-aid kit is obsolete.

All types of supplies for the medical bag are also offered. There are a few bags that come with supplies already in them. Refill packages can be ordered to save money. Browse the internet for cost-effective bags designed to keep medical supplies clean, dry, and organized. Being well-prepared can keep a minor injury or wound from becoming a serious issue. That cut can be cleaned and protected before dirt can seep in and cause infection.

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