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Hog Hunting Tips It is undeniable that wild hog hunting can bring lots of thrill and excitement while helping ranchers and farmers at the same time. As a matter of fact today, the population of feral hogs in the US are constantly growing. These hogs are destroying many crops and causing havoc because of that. The natural feeding patterns of these hogs are rooting to destroy crops and natural habitats as well. In addition to that, there are hogs that have been shots that weighed to over a thousand pounds. You can identify a wild hog very easily because of their tusk that grows to up to 9 inches or sometimes longer. It is these tusks that could kill or cripple hunters and animals alike if they're cornered or protecting their young. If for example you want to try hog hunting, you'll not have a problem of finding states that allow such because this is done intentionally to be able to control their population.
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When hunting wild hogs, especially if this is your first time, your best bet is to work with a wild hog guide. With the help of this guide, they'll show you all techniques as well as regulations for wild hog hunting. Experienced and seasoned guides are well aware of the area you are hunting and even the safety tips that can keep you from being injured. When hunting wild hogs, there is no room for error because believe it or not, even the slightest mistake may cost you your life or serious injury.
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Weapons will vary depending on the species of hogs and its size as well as the area where you will be hunting. So in this case, you have to allot enough amount of your time in doing research to come well prepared on your hunting trip. You have to know that feral hogs have a great sense of smell so making use of unscented bug sprays and deodorants are going to be ideal when hunting for wild hogs. When using a bow, you can also consider using the same techniques to stalk and hunt. You have to be really quiet when hunting because feral hogs have great hearing as well. Go for small hogs if you like to hunt for meat because smaller hogs have tastier meats than the bigger ones. The bigger and older the hog gets, the more gummy their meat becomes. Being able to get rid of that gummy taste is going to take some work. On top of that, it is vital that you make sure you're following the rules implemented by the county or state you're hunting in and at the same time, get the landowner's permission to avoid any troubles in the end.

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