About Me

I’m Sophia Williams, a young girl who’s truly only a wannabe DJ – of my own radio station! Not already having an outlet to express my enthusiasm for music, one day a companion recommended that I make a music blog. Subsequent to giving it a touch of thought, I chose to do only that.

I initially wound up plainly inspired by music before I began kindergarten, when I tuned in to my significantly more seasoned sibling’s rock’n’roll records and my folks’ Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Dean Martin records and melodic and motion picture soundtracks. By my high schooling, I was fixated on music and tune records and would tune in to the different San Francisco Bay Area radio stations’ week by week Top 30 commencements, and in addition the amazing Kasey Kasem’s Weekly Top 40, and have been a music crack from that point onward. (A few companions would put the accentuation on “monstrosity”). My music tastes are exceptionally mixed – my top choices are great and option shake and hard shake, however I additionally like metal, demise metal, 80’s punk and techno, soul, R&B, funk, grunge, pop, EDM, synth-pop, Brit-pop, hip-bounce, some rap, established, blues and light jazz.

I appreciate finding and supporting outside the box specialists and groups, so I compose surveys of their music or articles about them to encourage elevate them to a more extensive gathering of people. Additionally, I once in a while share intriguing articles or editorials composed by others about the music business, and also music recordings I truly like.

I trust users will make the most of my posts, and remarks are constantly welcome.

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